UJRC Staff

Several employees currently work at UJRC. A number of researchers, translators, lawyers and experts also cooperate with the Center. UJRC also has legal and financial advisors. The following list contains the full-time employees.

Mr. Hani Hourani:

Founder and Director General of UJRC. Since 1971, Hourani has published numerous studies, research papers and articles on Jordanian issues, especially on Jordan’s political, social and economic history. Prior to his return to Jordan in 1989, he worked in a number of research and planning centers, as well as on various newspapers. In 1984, he established Al-Urdun Al-Jadid magazine in Cyprus, which was published regularly until 1990. In 1991, Hourani was appointed Director of the Scientific Center of Abdul Hamid Shuman Foundation, and in 1992 became chief editor of Al-Ufuq weekly magazine. He has published several books, notably, The Socio-Economic Structure of Transjordan 1921-1950, The History of Parliamentary Life in Jordan 1928-1957, and The State of Jordan Labour Movement 1948-1988. He has also supervises the editing of a number of UJRC publications.

Mr. Hussein Abu Rumman:

Executive Director of UJRC. A press writer, and a researcher on Jordanian issues, he worked as chief editor of Al-Urdun Al-Jadid magazine (1986-1990) and General Director for Al-Ahali weekly newspaper (1992-1994). Abu Rumman also worked as an editor and Publishing Director at UJRC (1995-1998). Many of his studies and research papers on political parties, labour unions and professional associations have been published. Currently, he is the editor of many of UJRC publications, and a columnist in Al-Rai daily newspaper.

Ms. Mona Khalaf:

Executive Assistant. Khalaf is the focal person of the ACE Regional Electoral Network. Holds a BA degree in Business Administration, with vast experience in regional and international organisations.

Mr. Salah Eldeen Taher

Information and Archive Officer. Works on the Civil Society Issues magazine. Holds a BA degree in Sociology.

Several additional people work at UJRC as part-time researchers, translators, graphic designers, typists, and administrative staff:

Ms. Reem Hourani

Mr. Hassan Basiuny

Mr. Ma’rouf Hassan

Mr. Bassam Hamdan