Our philosophy

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Our Mission

The Center was set up amid extraordinary local, regional, and international conditions that left a distinctive mark on its mission and objectives. It coincided with the launching of the democratization process, the legalization of political pluralism, and the resumption of the electoral parliamentary life in the Kingdom. The launching of the peace process in the Middle East, the spread of the third wave of democracy in the world, and the end of the Cold War, were among the events that also took place in the early years of the Center’s establishment This was just before the pace of globalization, economic openness, and liberalization began to accelerate, and when awareness of the importance of the role of civil society in Jordan, the region, and the world at large was increasing.

Our Values

Through its various activities, UJRC aims at consolidating the role of civil society as an effective partner in democratic development and at upholding the values of human rights, citizenship, and equality.

The Center also encourages dialogue, reconciliation, and respect for other viewpoints, while rejecting violence, extremism, and hatred.

Our Objectives

In fulfilling its mission, the Center uses scientific methodology in preparing studies and research papers, and in organizing awareness campaigns.

It also upgrades policies and launches national initiatives for democratic transformation and for achieving deep economic and political reforms to qualify Jordan for the international economic sphere, and to enhance its progress towards democracy, openness, and modernization.