Organization Structure

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UJRC’s Board of Directors is made up of the Director General, the Deputy Director General, and the Executive Director. UJRC also has an Intermediary Board of Executives that includes the directors of the various departments and programs. Most UJRC programs have advisory committees that suggest projects and follow up their execution. UJRC also has a Board of Trustees formed in 1993 whose membership is renewed periodically.


The UJRC is comprised of the following departments

  • first-aid-kit-6362_541108c2-e26e-415c-bb0b-2002ae987b52
    Programs and Projects Department

    conducts planning and following up of the various programs and projects at UJRC.

  • timekeeping-5901_5329fe42-c6a6-4dde-bf82-cc5387ef3701
    Information and Documentation Department

    It includes databases, indexes, the library and the newspaper archive.

  • hot-dog-1219_a01c32be-075a-4097-94de-a103a0c77c19
    Publishing Department

    supervises UJRC publications of books, reports, working papers, newsletters, magazines and bulletins.

  • happy-emoji-2947_45d5bb03-c67d-4e73-a316-a5e7f4a9f2f7
    Administration and Finance Department

    responsible for internal administrative and financial operations of the administration, distributing publications, marketing and circulation.