The Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees will shortly be reorganized within the course of 2006, as some members will leave and others will join.

Mr. Taher Al-Masri

former Prime Minister and former Lower House Speaker.

Dr. Ali Mahafzah

professor at the University of Jordan, former president of Yarmouk University and Mu’tah University.

Dr. Eid Dhyyat

former president of Mu’tah University, and former Minister of Higher Education.

Lawyer Walid Abdel Hadi

former president of the Bar Association.

Lawyer Asma Khader

former Minister of Culture, Head of the Law Group for Human Rights (Mizan).

Engineer Awny Al-Saket

president of the Arab Contractors’ Association, member of the Jordanian Businessmen Association.

Dr. Saeed Al-Tal

former Minister of Higher Education.

Ms. Laila Sharaf

member of the Upper House, former Minister and the head of the Philadelphia University Board of Trustees.

Dr. Mamduh Al Abbadi

former Minister of Health, former Mayor of Greater Amman.